Font, Type, Web, Graphic

Aeche is a modern display font family available in 5 weights, with pay what you can pricing. 378 glyphs (including some select emoji) and covers 37 Latin languages.

BABii - Poiison

Web, Music, Visual, Type, Glitch, Animation, 3D, video

An interactive 3D video for the track POiiSON. Animated scenes heavily feature generative glitchy billboards and manipulated 3D meshes.


Generative, Glitch, Print, Artwork, Graphic, Packaging

Vinyl packaging artwork and design for this 12-inch from composer & sound designer Bjarni Gunnarsson. The sleeve is a 2-layer screen print, with multiple variations created via procedural generation. Released on Tartaruga.

Ninja Tune

Web, Music, Visual, Type, Glitch, Animation

NINJA TUNE 2017 is an end of year round up site, showcasing many of the iconic record labels' releases from throughout the year. The site features distinct custom animations, kinetic type and warping/glitch effects.


Web, Visual, Type, Generative, Animation

A selection of generative experiments: 01-animated marbled type textures 02-generative 2D plant illustration 03-pseudo 3D form drawings 04-generative 3D layered forms 05-marbled paint generation


Web, Music, Visual, Exploration, Web Audio API, THREE.js

YUME is an interactive web experience created to promote the album 'Yume' by ambient artist Helios. Floating rock shards become tactile music controllers, which also manipulate the environment. Different scenes can be freely explored, each one with a different feel/sound.


Bot, Generative, Audio, Visual, Art, Narrative, Node.js

ARP is a fictional radio telescope observatory. It’s a Twitter & SoundCloud bot which procedurally generates audio, data visualisations, and the tweets (and occasionally long-exposure photography) of an astronomer/research scientist who works at ARP, who is obsessive over the audio messages, and who runs the observatory’s Twitter account.


Web, Audio, Data, Science, Art, Web Audio API

SOLARBEAT is an interactive data visualisation (and sonification). It uses the real orbital frequencies of the major bodies of our solar system, and uses them to generate an endless melody as each planet plays a note with each orbit. Visitors can adjust the speed of time, as well as change audio effects and which musical scale is used.

Petrels / Bolt

Illustration, Print, Artwork, Graphic, Packaging

Vinyl packaging artwork and design for this split 10-inch featuring Petrels and [ B O L T ]. Released on Aentitainment.


Web, Audio, Interaction, Synth, Web Audio API

BLOKDUST is a web-based environment for music, instrument & sound creation. It allows users create music, synths and sound-art right in the browser, in an intuitive visual way. Once you’ve made something cool with it, you can generate a unique URL to share with your friends.

Here is Today

Web, Visual, Data, Science, Art, Graphic, Geology

HERE IS TODAY is an interactive data visualisation which takes a look at the span of all time since the universe began, and illustrates its vast scale, as well as our own small place within it - starting with today.

Luke Twyman

Design, code, graphics, audio

I'm a freelance designer & developer based in Brighton UK. Right now I’m mainly working within music & entertainment, or doing data-visualisation, procedural generation & other experimental projects. I also teach creative coding. Get in touch for work enquiries or if you're interested in having me run a workshop.